Welcome to Keyco’s homepage.

Music and art have always been major inspirations to me since I was a little girl.
I am forever thankful to my mother, who taught me the importance of expressing who I am by providing me with musical instruments and allowing me to draw all over the house walls.
I thank my father, who taught me to use my time wisely, to cherish my roots, and to acknowledge what is happening in the world today. I am grateful for receiving my daughter, who constantly allows me to realize through interaction that energy I bring out, whether positive or negative, comes right back at me.

I have been noticing that friendship born and ties made among people through art are rapidly expanding to a global scale. It truly fascinates me that we are living in an era where values and information can be shared globally.

I sincerely hope that our earth as a whole will regain its health.

I sincerely hope that energy formed by our souls come to the world and linger. The time has come for us to put an end to our thoughts that energy is disposable.

On that basis, I hope art will eternally retain its freedom(I can’t live without its venom and stimulation. (laugh)).

Keyco’s limited sales of “Spiral Squall” on vinyls in 1999 attracted a great deal of attention and was ranked 1st in Hokkaido FM network NORTH WAVE’s “Street Flavor’s Request Chart” for six months.
Keyco followed this by making her debut from a major record label the next year, and have released four original albums and three concept albums over the years.
Keyco’s sense of creatively using many facets of her voice is something rarely seen among Japanese female vocalists.
Although Keyco considers new soul as the foundation of her music, she is constantly seeking new horizons incorporating essences of reggae, funk, drum’n bass, jazz, and broken beats into her music. She has collaborated with many prominent artists active in various front lines. Such musical versatility by itself makes her stand out in the musical arena. Keyco’s widely accepted originality is continuously expanding, and is even starting to cross borders. She recently received an offer from a foreign artist.
Keyco gave birth to her first daughter in 2002. This new page in her life has also inspired her to seek for a simpler, yet compassionate message and a new form of soul music to deliver it.
Keyco’s participation in “nbsa+-×÷”(the crew consists of a number of club music-oriented bands) since 2004, her live shows with the band “Kokyo” since 2005, and her release of an electronica album “Fuuri”, collaborating with LIBRO in 2006, all demonstrate her vision of uniting acoustic and digital concepts to bring something new to the table.